Cell Phone Addiction – 22

Addiction to Cell Phones has replaced drugs in today’s culture.   Almost every person has the nubs in their ears or the phone at their face, what lies before them is blurred.

To say Cell Phones have created a new level of rudeness is an understatement.   To say that businesses lose money, may even cease to exist,  because workers are on their cell phones is trite.  To say that many motor vehicle accidents are caused by the driver being on the phone is true.

Why is it so difficult to put the  phone down?

Why is it so difficult to not talk while driving, walking, cooking?

Think of it.

99.99999% of all calls are no where near ‘important’  and can be delayed.   Many are wastes of time and those which are not should be face to face.

Yet,  the Addicts will continue to babble, ignoring the people and events around them, getting into car accidents,  unable to put down the  phone for a second.


What do you think?


Written by jaylar

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