Cell Phone Addiction – 17

To wean yourself, one of the easiest ways is to get  an old unsmart phone which can only make calls, send texts.   You can’t surf the Net, you can’t watch movies, you can only send and receive communications.

If you carry that phone with you, it is just a phone.  It’s not a pal or a Guardian.   Once you become accustomed to a phone that is only a phone, your addiction is limited to the talk/text.

Having a limited phone will, over time, allow you to leave it while you go to the bathroom, or the supermarket.

If you are an addict you will find leaving your phone home while you go to the supermarket impossible.  Why?

Thirty years ago the majority of people had nothing like a cell phone.  The overwhelming majority.

Twenty years ago, there were still people who didn’t carry phones with them everywhere.

The world turned, life went on.

It still can.


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