Cell Phone Addiction – 15

In the previous articles I showed examples of cell phone addicts contra normal people.   A normal person is aware of where they are, what they are doing.  They are alert to dangers, to possible dangers.

If you are shutting a shop at night, with the cash on you, there is nothing more important than your safety.

How could you be outside, babbling on your phone while shutting up the shop?

If you are driving, how can you possibly talk on your phone?  Even with a blue tooth?  Driving is deadly.  It is like travelling through a jungle full of wild animals.  If you need to talk, pull over.

How can you stroll on a road listening to a match, oblivious to who is around you?

How can you have the payroll in your bag and be oblivious to the dangers?  Walking on a road with money, coming from a bank, and talking on the phone?

Think of these things.

Now, have you done anything like this?  Even if you weren’t the victim of  the crime… you could have been.


What do you think?


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