Bloomsky, Raspberry Shake and what information do you need?

One of the realities of the “Internet” of things is the information you can gather. Today I am sharing a couple of pictures; the first is from my Bloomsky home weather station. Bloomsky can take still images and also produces a daily time-lapse image of yesterday’s weather. I share those time-lapse videos most day’s here on my Youtube Channel. The snarky weather comments come free with the video. It is, however, a great way to interact with the world around you. Knowing what the weather is, and what it will reduce the chances of standing alone in the rain waiting for someone to pick you up!

The other item that I am enjoying is the Raspberry Shake. Raspberry Shake is a wonderful home, school or hobbyist Seismograph. I am sharing the readings from today. I live in Maryland and Virginia near where I live a large fault. It is funny to me; I moved from a large fault near my home in Indiana to one in Virginia. I wonder if it is my fault. One of the things I have been thinking about lately is how could you create a unified solution for all the different IoT devices around you.

Both of these devices are available now. Both are originally crowdfunded companies! I am a huge fan of companies that can make the difficult transition from the heady reality of crowdfunding a dream to the more mundane reality of actually delivering and sustaining a business. Both of these organizations have done so. It is exciting to see! The two I am sharing today isn’t the only solution in this space. Raspberry Shake is the best seismograph I’ve played with. Bloomsky has the cool video factor, but there are other home weather stations. NetATMO gives you the ability to add modules, making the cost of entry cheaper for a home weather station.

I think the question I will end today with is the concept of what should you measure at home. What information makes your life easier? Information is people focused. The most important information is the information you want and need!

What do you think?

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