Big Changes Within 10 Years?

Thursday, April 16, 2020

Today, at 10am, I have another webinar meetup. It is about the big changes expected in the future on the internet within the next ten years. It is hosted by Founder Institute, Adeo Ressi, and Peter H. Diamandis, MD. In the chat, on the right, I noticed that there are 870 people from all over the world. But the chat continued to grow…894…1162…

They talk about One World Lockdown, toilet paper shortage, and life on the digital world. Lack of leadership on earth, in which there is lack of clarity who is the leader. They describe the situation as a “practice pandemic” experiment on the whole world, in which I think is an experiment for the New World Order agenda. They feel healthcare provider might be one of the big corporations, such as Walmart, Target, Google, Apple, Microsoft, etc, where people’s health will be monitored on a watch. They state that hospitals are ridiculous, it was about “…building the healthcare to spread the pandemic.”

All industries will be transformed and changed because everyone is on the internet and no one is really watching television. The internet has taken over many political, legal, and advertising industries, killing off many shitty companies who couldn’t compete. (That is why most of the companies in my area are now apartment buildings and hotels).

Travel will be an issue. In China, people are swabbed and quarantined when they get off the plane. There will be lots of virtual travel and VR.

This lockdown has created closing of borders, which is all a part of the New World Order plan. George Bush Jr said it on one of the old videos on Youtube.

Everyone will be connected, knowing each other’s thoughts? WTF…is that transhumanism?

Migration of this planet to outer space? They should send Bill Gates there as an experiment.

Library and Amazon transformed the Post Office?

Future in shopping malls? (Someone asked this question, but they didn’t answer it). So, I think they want to change all shopping on the internet, which I think is stupid because I need to go to grocery stores and malls to buy food and retail merchandise because I need to see food, clothes, and accessories in person. I like shopping around before I make my shopping decisions). 

Therefore, this webinar was mostly about promoting the New World Order agenda and planned changes to be expected into a totalitarian society of slavery by few corporations. I also noticed by the end of the webinar, more and more people were dropping out, and there were much less people in this webinar. People were expecting more interesting changes in the future than this shit promotion.


What do you think?


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