Belief Kills/Belief Cures – Part 5

The point of the fake articles, for those who wrote for Triond, who ‘lived’ in the Forum, was money.

One writer had invented the suicide of an actor not because he hated the actor or wished him evil, but because he was popular and well liked, and his name should attract the viewer’s eye.

Millions of people clicked on the article, and as the writer received 1c for every 10 views, he had made thousands of dollars.

Others on the Forum congratulated him and then set about to create their own article which would net them a great deal of money.

They decided to invent the ‘White House Insider’; pretending they worked at the White House and saw the President frequently.

As there was a lot of racist blow back since the election of a Black Man to the White House, they went after that market.

That is all it was, a market.


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