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How To Become A Blogger In Less Than 2 Min

Million people all over the world can’t express their writing skills due to the expenses and technical knowledge a blog is requiring. Million people who proclaim themselves as bloggers don’t earn much because they can’t reach the the right audience. Do you belong to one of these two groups of people? VIRILY.COM is giving you a chance to become the blogger you always wanted to be!

And yes, you don’t need to choose a domain name, neither a hosting option. You don’t need to choose a theme or bother yourself with modifying your blog to get the desired look and feel. Plugins are not needed! Are you confused? You shouldn’t be! All you need to do is to sign up to the blogging platform, which can be done literally in less than 2 min, and start creating compelling content that adds value to the readers. Don’t worry about the IT things that you are not related to, our technical support is here to get everything done instead of you!

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You have the platform, but you don’t have any idea where to start, right? Guess what – neither did we! From the very first time we wanted everyone to be happy and to finally find a place where they can share all the knowledge and experience with a wide audience. We want your voice to be heard! To ease the process, follow these instructions:

  • Find your niche.

If you want to be successful blogger, then you should ask yourself the following questions: What are you passionate about? Cooking? Running? Swimming? Fashion and Design? Crafting? Parenting? Have you found your deepest passion? If so, whatever it is, start creating your first post. If not, take some time to discover who you are! Don’t start a blog, unless you have something to write about! If you love what you are doing, the words will come pouring out with an ease.

  • Add Value.

Your blog must add value to the readers’ lives. This is the only way to keep your readers loyal and make your own content viral.

  • Be Original.

Be yourself, don’t copy! An original is worth more than a copy! So, why is your blog different? Because of you! You are the one who makes your blog unique! It’s all about your love, creativity, perspective and the value that you add while writing.

A few years ago we could hardly spell HTML, and now we are here with Virily to help you express your creativity and earn revenue while doing the things you love. Join Us Today!


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