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Its back – fun future tech!!!!

I understand that James Bond is a fictional character. I do, however, wish Q was a real person. I feel like Q could help me with some of the gadgets I dream of owning. In particular, having and using tools that are functionally multiple items. Not a cellular phone as a camera. I posted the 20th day of my 365_photo_challenge. I tried to capture a dusk light effect with two layers of clouds, and honestly, I wish I had a digital camera and not my cellular phone. That said there are some things I am ready to start building. I just need to mix the Q that is me, with a Q that understands the limits of hardware better.

IoT devices, Modi, Meeper, and Littlebits, are great toolsets to let your child explore the reality of connected devices. Having played with all three, I can tell you that all three are simple, effective and all three are great companies. You can’t beat the good people, trying to make fun things for kids!

Seismograph pen, wouldn’t that be cool. Useless, you have a seismograph on your cell phone most likely (its called an accelerometer). If the phone is on a table, and you experience an earthquake, the accelerometer will register and measure (roughly) the impact of that earthquake. The pen would be able to be laid on the ground or a table and would produce a seismic reading for you. It would be more accurate than an Accelerometer would be.

Another device I would love to build is the all-in-one add-on cell phone camera. Today you can get the wonderful Giroptic 360 Camera (USB C, USB, or Lightning connector) that connects directly to your cell phone. You can get the Wallabot, which allows you to use your Android device to find studs on the wall. Finally, there is the exceptional FLIR add-on camera as well (USB C, USB, and Lightning). What is there was one camera that could do all of this and also act as a UV camera? It would let you carry one device instead of the four you have to do this today!

With that my technical blog drought ended yesterday. Whew – that was stressful!


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  1. I picked this article to read because I saw the cover picture and I was expecting to read something about fun tech solution for peeps who cannot cook. Lol! Well, what about a fun tech gadget who helps you find everything when you need that everything?


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