A B Cs of Modular and Custom Stands

Modern companies choose to market their services in so many different ways. However, many companies rely on exhibition stands to market their brand as it showcases the products and services and it is one of the best and unique way to interact with new customers, existing customers, as well as this, helps to promote your brand. Therefore, it is important to choose the right design and the right type of stand.

Custom and Modular are the two of the most popular types, each of these variants has its pros and cons. Let’s have a look at these stands in detail as well as the different factors required to consider before making a decision.

1. Modular Stands – Modular Stands are built from individual modular parts and normally consist of metal frames, connectors, and the firm’ chosen graphics. One of the main attributes of modular exhibition stands is its versatility. They are available in different styles, design, and sizes and are easy to assemble or can be reassembled multiple times without a requirement of manpower. It is an ideal option for those who need to use the stand for more than one exhibition or trade show.

As compared to other types of exhibition stand they are relatively cost-effective, lightweight, easy to transport over long distances which makes it more appealing if your budget is limited.

There are some drawbacks to the modular stands as they can be used multiples times so you need to store them in a clean and dry area, which may occupy your valuable space and its design have limitations.

2. Custom Stands 

Custom Stands are unique and attractive, it is built on the special requirements. This means possibilities are virtually limitless in terms of style, color, shape, and atmosphere. They have a capacity to be really striking and the best option if you are trying to attract a lot of attention with your design. The one main advantage of custom exhibition stands is that each one is completely unique.

Custom stands have few drawback such as they are designed for single use only, not the cost-effective option, and based on the material used, the waste can be unsafe to the environment. Moreover, stands usually take longer to plan, setup and requires a professional team to install them.


Both Modular and custom stands have their positive points and potential drawbacks, but they still are the best choice overall. Whether you choose a custom stand or modular stand you have to carefully consider the following factors:

  • What is your budget?
  • What would be the size of the required stand and how will it be transported?
  • Do you require the exhibition stand for one event or will it be used for multiple events?
  • Do you want to include technology into the stand?
  • Are there any specific requirement of the organization for design features such as color, light, etc.

So, eventually, it is important to understand what you are hoping to achieve with your exhibition. If you are trying entering a new market or launching new products, then attracting attention is very important and a custom stand could be your best pick. If you are already well established in your market and your focus is on to generate more sales, then you can go for a modular stand as it is likely to give a better return on investment. If you have any tips or suggestion or you think we missed out on something then please feel free to write us in the comments below.


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