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Attack the Trolls

We’ve all encountered Trolls.  

One of the realities is that  where suddenly you are attacked by a squad of people you don’t know… you can bet the rent that this is one user with a pile of duals.

This is one pathetic person creating Duals so that it looks like the ‘whole world’  is against you.

On Delphiforums, for example, there was Crazygrrl, Sickgrrl, and four others who were simply one horrible person.

If you posted anything that she didn’t like, it wasn’t just her attacking, it was her and her duals, so that it seemed that ‘everyone’ was against you.

One horrible person, with 7 different accounts, all attacking one real person.

If you create  a Dual, you and that Dual can keep up a conversation ignoring the Trolls.  You and your Dual go back and forth as it there is no one there but you two.  

You post, Trolls 1/3/5  post vicious attacks, your Dual responds to you as if the Trolls aren’t there.  You post to your Dual.   Troll 2/4/6 attacks, your Dual replies to your post, ignoring the Trolls.

Depending on how stupid the Troll is, it could take hours or days for it to figure out you are ignoring them.

Trolls hate to be ignored.


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Written by jaylar

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