As the co-founder said "It is hard to say goodbye."

So Long. Farewell. Goodbye.

The concept or line uttered is usually “the next big thing.” The reality is there was a last next big thing, and before another last next big thing and so on. You can go back to the Babbage computational machines if you wish. Even then there was a new next big thing looming. That said, by way of clarification there are also walkways and highways littered with the next big things that have been cast aside. One of those next big things was thrown from the passing car window yesterday. Giroptic, a 360-degree camera maker closed their doors.  The saddest part of the closing is that the Graphic IO will eventually fade off the supported product list for cellular phones.

Today there are some high-end commercial 360-degree cameras, But the sad reality is that Giroptic going out of business impacts the lower end and consumer market. They, Giroptic had released a 360-degree chat application. They continued to innovate and build new ideas until the very end. Now, for now, they sit on the side of the road. Thrown from the speeding car that is changing. I suspect that someone will swoop in and buy the overall solution fire-sale style (why pay full price for the system when you can pay a lot less). It is a market, 360-degree cameras, that is still evolving, but it has taken a big hit with the failure of Giroptic.

Going forward, I do still see a market for 360-degree cameras, and I do think that the Giroptic ideas will be revived. This is not the first time a device I thought was the next big thing was a sidebar conversation on the way the what became the next big thing. I did buy a VHS player and not a Betamax many years ago. I missed out on the HDDVD, versus Blu-Ray. I bought an HD DVD and still have the player because I have 12 movies. I do think that someone else will at least pick up the cellular phone solution from Giroptic (or frankly copy it). There is a next big thing still there, just sadly not for Giroptic as a company.


What do you think?


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