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Always Defending the Indefensible

Years ago, two really bright guys needed money for their University education.  They hit  on the idea of creating a Publishing Site.  

They’d written on line, experienced the tricks, the rips, were familiar with ‘Duals’ and ‘Shills’ and knew they didn’t need any.

This is because they had seen other members of the various sites they had belonged to ‘Defend’  the site.   

They  nicknamed one of the Defenders Coo-Coo.   

Coo-Coo knows absolutely nothing at all whatsoever about the Owner, the Site, anything.  Coo-Coo joined a publishing site, posted stuff.  And got paid.  

Coo-Coo doesn’t  know if others were paid,  or how the payment was calculated.  Coo-Coo could have gotten 15k hits, the site could have said 5K hits.  

The two bright guys only needed a couple of Coo-Coos to join and they’d do all the publicity and defence required.

The plan was to run the site for three years.   They’d pay everyone the first time, then pay half the second.   They’d go on reducing the number of persons paid so as to reap a certain profit every month.   

The first month was tight, they had borrowed a sum to insure that everyone was paid.   The second month was easier, and they were able to repay the borrowed money in the third month.

After that, they would scoop a portion of the earnings and have the rest divided.  This was done by A.I. under certain protocols.

There were a number of Coo Coos who were ‘always paid’  so they’d attack anyone who dared complain.  

The two guys did absolutely nothing at all, except scoop money.

As the end of the third year approached, they stopped paying in the second to last month, and in the last week posted some tragic blah blah about why the site was closing.

To this day there are people who will defend the site.


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Written by jaylar

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