Accelerate Website’s Conversion Rate With The Help Of SEO Expert

To the web developers, the term conversion rate is not new. But for a layperson, conversion rate refers to the proportion of visitors who not only visit your site but become your client. If you have a well-established brand and a well-designed website, visitors stop at your site to view the collection they are looking. But getting traffic is not just enough until it gets converted. See, nobody can force the client to become your customer. But yes, one can influence them by making some changes to the web page.

Let’s through light on some of the tact’s that helps to a great extent in boosting the conversion rate of a website.

Tact #1: A User-Friendly & Mobile Friendly Web page: With advancement in computer technology and increasing usage of the internet makes it necessary that your webpage must be user-friendly as well as mobile-friendly.Most of the Search Engine Optimization Agency create a mobile-friendly website these days. According to a recent survey, approx. 52% of the people search for products & services on tablets or mobile phones. Simple agenda to getting high conversion is to provide the user with ease of access. If they found the product information quickly on the website, they get motivated.

Tact #2: Split Testing: In case if you doubt two elements that you are going to put on the webpage, e.g., header A and header B of the page, then you can go for split testing. In this method, create two different pages and put header A on one page and header B on another page. Then wait for some time and have a tight watch on the visitor’s graph. The page that attracts more visitors is your final decision element with which you mover further.

Tact #3: Funnel Content Marketing: Another tried and tested method for converting visitors into customers is the content marketing funnel. It includes case studies, blogs, eBooks, etc. Content is one of the ways that can push people towards a permanent buyer. Many of the business house whether small or large scale observe 3x increase in conversion rate by opting this method.

Tact #4: Email Marketing: Most of the time it happens that business starts getting the leads, but that leads cannot become the loyal consumers just because of lack of the follow-up. To solve that issue, email marketing is the right option. Unlike traditional email sending method, this technique is much faster and result oriented. It is all about taking care of the customers and feeding them with the latest offers and information through email. What else a potential customer wants?

Tact #5: Product Policies: “Give the buyer exactly what you promise to give.” Product quality, guarantee, return, and other related policies are the significant factor that can work well in getting the customer in your court. In today’s era, a product can only work well if it has a high-end quality. Moreover, a guarantee of timely delivery and ease of return attracts sales in the case of online business. The lines such as ‘pay only if you get satisfied’ helps a lot in engaging the visitor.


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