A Step-by-step Guide to Amazon SEO

How does Amazon SEO work? This is a question that manybeginners normally ask. Just like Google SEO, Amazon evaluates search resultsvia its algorithm known as the A9 search engine. This algorithm employs variousparameters to determine the ranking of millions of products stored within itsdatabase through the use of user-generated search queries. This typicallyincludes the search results page, the various categories within the SRP, searchfilters, and sponsored products.

The A9 product ranking algorithm displays results based onkeywords or queries, or key terms keyed into the search box. Results shown aretypically driven by a customer’s previous purchases, shopping habits, and otheradditional factors. To be able to optimize your product listings on Amazon, youneed to understand the primary ranking factors the A9 engine uses. There aretwo major factors:

Explicit: these include price, text relevance, and stocksupply.

Inexplicit: Mainly includes sales velocity, i.e the number ofsales per given period.

Steps to bolster your Amazon rankings

The following are some tips and tricks that can assist you onhow to optimize your listings for Amazon’s A9 engine and tremendously improveyour results.

1. The amazon product title

The most important factor to consider in your bid to boost yourproduct’s visibility is the title of your product. Make sure that you haveincluded all the necessary information within the title. The product name shouldcome first. The title should include the brand, product, material, quantity,and color.

2. Conduct an amazon keyword research for the product keywords

Choose the most suitable keywords for the product you intend tosell. One good way of achieving this is by viewing the best-selling productswithin your category. Go through them and select around 4 or 5 of thehighest-ranking products as well as those that have the most reviews.Thereafter, select the most relevant keywords that match your product.

3. Amazon product price

After setting a price for your product, it is prudent toevaluate the competition you face from other similar products. If your producthas a huge price gap with your competitors, your rankings will suffer.

4. Amazon product images

You need quality pictures that can attract shoppers to yourproduct. Furthermore, thanks to the zoom image zoom feature, customers are nowable to closely look at a product for a better view. Therefore, use HD imagesof at least 1000 pixels!

5. The product description

Your product description serves to convince the potential customer to make a purchase. As such, highlight all the strong characteristicsof your product. Furthermore, you also need to insert the appropriate keywords in addition to positive sales arguments.

6. Describe the product features in point form

Presenting your product descriptions in paragraphs can havesome drawbacks. For one, most shoppers do not like them since they tend to beambiguous, confounding and unapproachable. For another, the Amazon A9 algorithmtends to discriminate against large blocks of text.

7. Availability of stock

Always make efforts to ensure that your products never run outof stock. To avoid this, you can set up automatic reminders to notify you whenyour stocks are dwindling. However, if you are selling the same product onmultiple sites, use multi-channel sync services to help you in synchronizingyour inventory.

8. Backend search keywords for your product

Though hidden from shoppers, these keywords are usually indexedby the A9 algorithm. They can immensely boost your product’s search rankings.

9. Product ratings and reviews

In Amazon SEO, product reviews & ratings areimportant considerations that are evaluated for better rankings. Numerouspositive reviews are an indication of a product’s high value.

10. Use the Fulfillment method

Also known as Amazon FBA, you will tremendously enhance your product’s visibility on Amazon search results pages. However, you need a professional seller account.

In the end, correctly optimizing your product listing willraise your product’s discoverability & desirability to almost 80 percent.You also need to be up to speed with the algorithm updates and trends.

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