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A Rather Evil Way of Playing the Player

People create writing sites to get free money.  They load the site with Ads and then need some content, so they get a pile of people to give it to them for a fraction of what they are earning.

They create sites and most Owners just sit and count coin, and don’t know/care what is happening.

In ancient days, if one wanted to take an item already published on Dodgy Site and post it on Scam Aplenty  there had to be some effort made.

The writer would take the item, maybe break one into four and then do a bit of rewrite.   

Hence, by the time of posting the article on Dodgy and the ones on Scam Aplenty,  are different.

Today, one doesn’t have to put in any effort.  One can take an item from Dodgy and put it on Scam as is where is.  One can chop it into bits and with a slight addition of a sentence make an item into five different bits, posting one today, one tomorrow, etc.

Taking five different published items and chopping them into five bits or more, gives one twenty five articles, or more with almost no work.

If Dodgy paid, cool.   If Dodgy didn’t well, Scam is here now.  If Scam pays, its a win.


What do you think?


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