A long day…

Tuesday, 11.12.19

Today, I worked on trying to install my new Corel Draw Home Suite I bought at Best Buy yesterday. The CD didn’t work very well. I called some online chats, and I ended up downloading it with a link. But I had a problem installing it because it was too slow. I even went back to Best Buy to return it, but there wasn’t any return policy and they wouldn’t let me exchange it either. So, I returned home to contact Corel by phone and online chat. The chats tried, but the software wasn’t installing, or it was too slow, maybe due to internet lagging. They told me someone should call me later, maybe tomorrow. I hope so because I don’t know what to do. 

At 5:30 pm, I walked across the street for a UCI walking meetup. Since I was early, I stopped at Nekter to buy one scoop of Charcoal Vanilla ice cream. I finished it before anyone arrived. By 6:30 pm, 24 people showed up for the meetup. The campus was still busy at night. We returned back to the UTC area at 8:33 pm, and I decided to eat Dough Knots at Blaze. They were good. They consisted of small round mini pizzas with mozzarella cheese and garlic, and some tomato sauce to dip the pieces in. I stayed until 9 pm, before deciding to walk back home. 

My walk today involved 7 floors, 12,305 steps, and 4.7 miles, from 1:11 pm to 9:33 pm. 


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