7 Features That Make Node.Js Perfect For Enterprise App Development

Simpalm, the app development company, carries the experience of working in the frameworks of JavaScript or even the HTML 5, which even include the Node.Js. Node.Js refers to a server environment meant for the open source. It manages to run on different platforms, right from Windows, Linux to Mac Operating System X and Unix. Simpalm possesses a dedicated team of Node.Js developers for building up the whole website in JavaScript stack similar to that of Angular JS, Backbone, Ember, Twitter Bootstrap and jQuery.

Node.Js is an excellent language for developing enterprise apps. It carries a huge package ecosystem known as npm. Npm helps in providing one with the access to a range of tools, which allows Simpalm to develop the enterprise apps of high-end nature quite easily, incurring minimum app development cost.

Let us now look at the 7 features, which make Node.Js absolutely perfect to develop Applications for Enterprises:

  • Node.Js Has Single Thread:

The highly popular app development agency, Simpalm can make use of Node.JS in order to develop apps for enterprises due to one distinct feature that it carries. Node.Js carries only a single thread.

Till the point, there is the memory and one’s kernel permits, an app development company like Simpalm will be able to process any amount of parallel requests in Node.Js without any problem.

  • Programming In An Asynchronous Manner:

Node.Js allows an enterprise app developer to enjoy the advantage of programming in an asynchronized manner. This means, that those events, which are not synchronous, get executed totally independent of the main flow of a program, thus enabling it to keep processing the requests.

This feature of asynchronicity assists in reducing the cost of Input/Output operations and go on to accelerate them up. This is because a particular operation is not dependent on any other operation.

  • Huge NPM Registry:

One other great feature of Node.Js is the huge NPM registry, which they hold. They add more than 190,000 modules every single day. These happen to be open source modules, which developers like Simpalm can use freely and in a convenient manner to suitably use them for their development process of enterprise apps.

  • Architecture Is Based On Microservices:

The architecture of Node.Js, which is based on microservices, helps to ensure horizontal along with vertical scaling. Plus there is no scope for wastage of resources. Node.Js carries a lot lower footprint of a resource as far as the power of computing, usage of RAM and CPU are concerned. Hence, it improves the performance by enabling more tasks to become Input/Output bound rather than being bound on CPU.

  • Testing Gets Simplified:

Node.Js has a feature named Mocha, which runs on JavaScript test framework. It helps to simplify carrying out Asynchronous testing. So, for Simpalm, which is an app development company in Chicago, this indeed happens to be a perfect platform to develop enterprise apps.

  • Helps The App To Be Scalable For Enterprises:

Scalability basically refers to an app’s ability to tackle the increasing number of customers. Node.Js allows an app developer to develop just that kind of app for enterprises, thus helping the business to grow.

  • Assists In Developing Easy To Maintain Apps:

Node.Js helps developers like Simpalm to develop those applications, which are easy to operate and maintain.

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Written by Rahul Dixit

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