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6 Tools for Publishing Content on Social Media

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The most important purpose of a social media administrator is to stretch out to probable customers and be in contact with the current situations. So, it is very much necessary to select the appropriate tool as a medium that can easily engage different online viewers with enthusiasm each day. In general, tools for social media are categorized into two types. It is based on their purpose and they are the tools for publishing content and the tools for social networking.

The most widespread method of sharing texts is by way of micro blogging, video, podcasts, blogs, wikis, forums, newsletters as well as e-mails.

  1. Wikis makes it possible for users to add as well as correct content that is presented online. Instances of wiki farms and wiki websites are wikia, wikipedia and wetpaint.
  2. With video sharing, a user can upload videos and share it online. The tools available for sharing video also supports comments of viewers’ which may be posted for an online video. Instances of websites that help share videos are viddler,, vimeo and the very popular youtube.
  3. Social networking is a trendy tool that facilitates online users to connect or network with others and share posts and photographs. Twitter and Facebook are the two most popular social networking websites.
  4. Bookmarking and public news: In general phraseology, this makes possible for users to share and save online bookmarked pages of websites. Instances of resources or websites that offer bookmarking and news are stumble, digg, reddit and delicious.
  5. Podcasts are digital audios that can be played on an mp3 player. Instances of applications for podcast are digital podcast and podcastalley.

6.    Micro blogging is a new form of blogging in which users can post their remarks regularly in reply to the initial comment. Instances of websites for micro blogging are Tumblr, Twitter etc.


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