5 Smart Home Devices Every Home Should Have

Technology is all around us and it’s time to embrace that it can make our lives so much easier. You don’t have to be a full convert, but you can take it a step at a time as you try new smart home devices that make daily living a little better.

Check out our recommendations for the 5 smart home devices your home should have:

#1 Amazon Dash Button

Ever have trouble remembering what you went to the grocery store to buy? Or maybe you’ve been all set to make an online purchase and just knew that you were forgetting something. The Amazon Dash button is here to make online shopping so easy. 

You can have a button for essentials in your home such as coffee, toilet paper, paper towels, and your favorite junk food and you simply press the button when you’re getting low or run out. It’s amazing simple (not all technology is complicated) and it only costs $5.

#2 Amazon Echo Dot: Your Affordable Personal Assistant

The Amazon Echo Dot will only set you back $50 and it has capabilities that can help you run your entire house. You can voice-control your TV, lights, thermostat, garage door, locks, and many more smart home-connected devices.

If you don’t want to have Echo connected to your entire home, it also comes in handy to play music from the device, ask questions, tell jokes to your children, set timers, remind you of your to-do list, and more. It’s easy to setup and use, you’ll wonder why you didn’t purchase it sooner.

#3 Smart Outlet

A smart outlet is a way to connect any device in your home to a smartphone app to be controlled. You can turn lamps on as you pull into your driveway or turn them off without moving if someone left them on and you’re cozy in bed. How would it feel to be able to turn off your kids’ consoles and TVs without yelling or even going into their room?

#4 WiFi Sprinkler Controller

A WiFi sprinkler controller can make light work of keeping your grass and garden watered. We like the Rachio and the Skydrop because they’re easy to setup and use. The sprinkler controller can work on a schedule you set and even check the weather to make sure it’s not watering on a day when rain is forecasted. It will connect to smart home devices such as the Amazon Echo and Google Assistant to make it even easier to use.

#5 Ring Video Doorbell

Having a smart doorbell is like having someone at your home all of the time. Worried about missing an important guest because you had to run out for 5 minutes? Or maybe you want to keep watch for package thieves or other unsavory characters? The Ring Video Doorbell 2 allows you to view and record what’s happening at your door.

You can also enjoy two-way talk to greet or scare your guests, depending on the situation. Best of all, you can view your doorbell camera with your smartphone even if you aren’t at home. 

We hope you enjoyed these smart device recommendations for your home. These are great choices because they are easy to setup, affordable, and can ease you into the world of smart, connected devices.


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