5 Reasons why Social Media is not effective as a Sales Channel

Social media is becoming popular by the day. These days, everyone talks about marketing in social media. But do they work as a sales channel? Profiles from LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and Google come up when we look at the major search engines. It does not mean that they act as sales channels. The best way to get customers online is still sure to have good words on the website that attracts readers from the major search engines. Why the social media do not work as a sales channel?

1. 90% of all online users mainly use Google as a search engine.

2. A lot of similar profiles may come up in social media when using keywords in your industry. It may be difficult to find your website.

3. For example, to drive the sales, you have to lead directly to the website that will sell. If you go through Google, it is the search engine that leads to sales.

4. It may seem incredible, but all is not social media yet. There are also many who believe that it is uncomfortable to use them. There is still a wide range of courses for those who want to learn how to use social media. Everyone can, however google.

5. Organic and Paid search is the primary ways that lead to a website. eMail comes in second place. Sales driven through social media is still almost non-existent.

Social media can be understood to be a good addition, but attracts far fewer customers than the traditional search engines. According to a survey, it appears that social media is not working as a sales channel in the long run. The strongest tool for acquiring customers is organic search, and in second place, the e-mail. For example, CLV or Customer Lifetime Value coming from Twitter is 23% lower than the average, while the value from organic search is 54% higher than the average.


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