5 Best Ways To Catch Sports Online While Traveling

Imagine your friends planned a weekend trip to Italy and your favorite team is performing in the next Football match, you don’t want to miss the chance to go to the trip and can’ afford to miss any of your team’s fair catches.

Confused between traveling and watching your favorite football match?

Don’t worry! We also don’t want you to miss either, How about taking your favorite match with you on your trip?

Yes, it is becoming effortless for full-time or weekend traveler to access and watch any football match while wandering between regions anytime anywhere without compromising a traveling plan. Just find the right place to watch or the correct keys to stream your favorite game, without leaving your comfort zone. Below you will find five best ways to watch your favorite league on the road.

Watch and Enjoy at a Bar

One of the best places to catch your favorite team’s games is a Bar. But there’s no steadfast guarantee that every bar in your reachability has access to on-air your favorite match; depending on multiple factors. Your location (the place you are) and who your cable provider at the time and what their inclination to broadcast, are main influencers to decide whether to go to a bar or not.

Almost all the teams play at 1 pm or 4 o’clock hour or Sundays, means multiple matches are being played at one point in time leaves numerous broadcasting options for the television network to broadcast in a particular region. The chances of catching the Jets in California is less when the raiders, 49ers, Chargers and/or any other West coast teams are playing. Plus cable subscription also plays a role in this aspect.

Time to show up at the bar is another factor that reduces the chances of your team’s game to be shown; in case you reach the bar before the fans of other teams or in case your favorite game is showing but what if the bar packed to the capacity. Bar is a fun place to enjoy the game as you can feel the same heat as if you are physically present in the arena/stadium. If you have no other option open, then going to a Bar will be a great idea.

Television in an RV

Most of the RV parks offer cable access and in case of an equipped rig, screwing a coaxial cable into RV and checking the park’s channel guide, gets more comfortable. However, you are still at the mercy of which games are showing in the region you are currently in. There is always a chance that your favorite team featured on NBC, Fox or CBS…. or perhaps playing a more local team from that corner of the country. For this you are still relying on the cable connection, means you can enjoy all the fast actions comfortably in a peaceful environment and get drunk as much as you want, but miss the energy and combined enjoyment of a bar when your team is winning.


Verizon, the nation’s largest cell phone provider, has an accord with NFL, to allow local streaming of all the Sunday Night, Monday night, Thursday Night, Super Bowl and playoff games. The word ‘local’ is, of course, ambiguous for a traveller, but Verizon defines the games based on the physical location of the subscriber; your actual location decides the availability of games being shown and what’s showing on FOX or CBC.

As a Verizon subscriber you are allowed to watch a maximum of four games, in case you are not in the region whose team is playing; moving around a bit would give you accessibility to stream all the series in the line. The quality of content varies with the fluctuations in the cell service.


DirecTV is an inverse to the Verizon setup. It is good for watching out-of-market games, and now you can get it from actual DirecTV satellite dish. DirecTV offers online-only subscriptions currently charging $69.99/month. You can browse their other packages related to Sunday ticket and other channels as well, at any even better rate.

NFL Game Pass

An official app called “Game Pass” introduced by NFL in 2015 with a promise to watch every game from pre-season to the Super Bowl, all for $100/year. Sounds amazing! But hold on, you can’t watch games live, you have to wait till they are over. It’s impossible to not to watch and not know who won., you will be bombarded with the notifications and your excitement to watch your favorite NFL lost.

Verizon data plan changes from month to month, and after including all the taxes, you end up watching your favorite game at somewhere between $1000 to $2160/year. If you have NFL mobile and Verizon, you have a financial edge; you’re allowed to wave off the additional charges.

How To Avoid Region Based Restrictions

All the options listed above have a cost attached to it. If you go to bar, you can’t sit there for hours without buying some drinks. How much will they cost you, $50 each beer or more? Similarly, buying Verizon subscription is way costly than your monthly laundry bill. The best option is Game Pass. NFL, NBA, NHL and many other games offer “Game Pass” at very low prices. If you reside in the country where you are unable to access a Game pass then a secure and speedy VPN is all you need.

A VPN changes your IP with the one you desire, and here i don’t mean to imply the digits, but the location of your IP. If you want to appear as an American, just connect a USA server. If you want to be a loud German, get connected to a Germany server. Viola! Problem solved.

Hey! how about traveling to the stadiums – Enjoy Travelling And Your Favorite Sports Together.

The least realistic yet adventurous way to get serious about your team is to simply follow their footprints as they play out every game. If you can travel to seek out breweries or historic sites, so why not football vagabond.


The grim reality is that it is not exactly easy to keep up with football while wandering. The bar is preferred if you are in the city with lots of bars, Verizon + NFL works best if you are in the country whose team plays lots of games, or just forget all the hassle and download the best VPN; replace your IP with the desired IP and be a virtual spectator.


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Written by Ak47Zubair