4 Biggest Digital Marketing Mistakes To Avoid By Startups In 2020

Startups founders are creative and want to represent something different in front of the world. But it is not easy as it seems, you need to invest lots of money, time, and effort to get results. After planning, the most important aspect is marketing.

Again there are many channels and platforms out there to promote your product or service, but you need to pick one that suits your brand and deliver you better results. Digital marketing techniques are evolving, and no matter which method you follow to target the customers, it should be outstanding to leave a long-lasting impression on consumers.

People use social media, email, and search engines to get in touch with their favorite products. Generating revenue is the ultimate goal of any businessman.

Now let see which are the common mistakes we do, and after investing money, we don’t get results. It is a myth that once you start adverts on Google and Facebook, you will get new customers for your product, it is not true; it only eats your money without adding new consumers. You must consider below-listed mistakes while leveraging a digital marketing plan for your startup business.

Expect Overnight Success

Startups entrepreneurs are always in a hurry and daydreaming about overnight success. They are fascinated by numbers and success stories of others. They usually believe that once your business goes online and you adapt digital marketing methods, you are done, and your sales will continue to increase. It is wrong and useless.

No doubt, social media and digital marketing are powerful tools to expand your business globally, but it is a time-consuming process too. If you want to experience stable growth and success, it will normally take a few months. You will not result instantly. This is a long time journey if you want to see substantial growth.

You will not get instant success after implementing a new marketing strategy. There are multiple methods like email marketing, search engine optimization, blogging, and running paid campaigns, but all these techniques take time, you need to invest time and effort to see it pay off.

Blindly Do Social Media Because Everyone Is Doing

Like everyone else, we try to follow the trends and apply those techniques that are not useful for our business. Social media is important and plays a crucial role when it comes to making your brand famous across the globe.

Just because everyone is publishing content on social media does not mean you have to invest time and money in that. You should research which platform suits your business rather than focusing on others. The choice of digital platform should be based on business objectives and customers.

For example, you are selling heavy machinery; then Facebook won’t help you to generate the leads, you should try Indiamart and other business portals for lead generation. One the other hand, if you are engaged with the gojek clone business, you have to follow the social media trend to enhance productivity.

No doubt, you can share content and upload the images of your machines on social sites to increase visibility, but if your primary objective is lead generation, it won’t help you.

Ignoring Quality Content

If you want to build a strong online presence and connect with the customers, content marketing plays an important role. Google loves fresh and quality content. If your website has precise and accurate content, the chances of getting a better rank in the SERP would be higher.

Optimize your content first before publishing it on social media. You need to target specific keywords for better user engagement. Your content should be informative to meet the user’s needs. If you fail to deliver quality content, it will affect your brand.

Along with the content, a beautiful website is also important. You need a responsive and effective website to attract customers. You can consider Google Analytics and Google Webmaster tool to check the website’s performance.

CopyCatting Marketing Strategies

Digital marketing is all about creativity; you should have some new ideas to attract users. Don’t copy the same marketing strategies that all your competitors follow. It will not create an impact on people’s mind, and all your efforts will go to waste.

Stay true to yourself and design a marketing plan based on the customer’s choice and trend. You will not win the consumer’s heart by copycatting the exact marketing procedure.

We have a perfect example that is Google and Bing. Microsoft thought that it would dominate the market and developed a search engine like Google but fails to impress the people.

For example, your competitors following SEO techniques, you should start YouTube marketing to rule the market. As a startup founder, you need to educate your prospects about your product, begin to participate in events and conferences, it will give you positive outcomes.


Digital marketing strategies are evolving with technological changes. As a startup business, you need to focus on the current trend and improve your marketing efforts; you can also outsource who is having experience and utilize resources adequately.

Before leveraging any digital marketing method, you should consider the budget first and invest in such a manner that can pay off you in the long run. Try to avoid these mistakes and work hard on developing a marketing campaign that will surely give you better results.

You should be consistent enough, and your marketing strategy should be improved over time. Your effort has to be ongoing, and it should be effective enough to achieve the desired outcomes.


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Written by Shady Johnson

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