3D Printing – The 2nd Industrial rRevolution

3-D printing has been there Since the 1980s.  But even 10 years before It was not so popular. But recent advances in technologies have helped a lot to 3D printing sector to showcase its significance to the world. Nowadays it has become so popular in manufacturing sectors that even if one wishes to, he/ she can buy the machine for their home. Wohlers report of 2018 showed the world that this has become the second most important process in the industrial revolution in today’s world with a grossing amount of over $7 billion.

It has helped a lot in the working sectors but its use is not only limited here. It is something which can be very useful for kids or students studying in different stages.  It is basically something which can inspire the parents to motivate their children and the child can instantly connect to the topic as it is a very interesting thing to learn.  3D printing is more like a 2D printing which is a sheet and letters are printed whereas 3D printers help its users to print different kinds of stuff or models as they desire to print out of the printer. It basically prints models from a precise nozzle layer by layer one after the another. It can help children in printing out desired model projects which are provided to the students in their schools and colleges.

It is very important for children to help them in gaining knowledge and achieving their right target and making them aware of the possibilities. It is important for them to develop such skills so that they can make a vice decision in career choices. It is important to let them know about 3D printing education and jobs related skills, processes, technologies and scopes involved in this particular field. It may not have all the answers to all our problems but it is helping a lot of people to breakdown the barriers and related stereotyping. May it is medical science or automotive companies or customizing products industry, 3D printing is being opted and chosen by each and every sector day by day. So scopes in this field never seem to doom here. The most 3D printing utilizing sector is the fashion sector. The designers are hugely using this invention to create their ideas into a 3D tangible subject, no matter how complex the sizes or designs maybe 3D printers are achieving all goals. Designers are bringing their ideas to life by creating the subject of jewellery, shoes, clothes etc.

The most common application of 3D printing is manufacturing and the growth of which is achieving tremendous heights.  There are a lot of experiments are going on to make to more possible in a far more better way to attain the ideal way of creating the thoughts into temporary reality which is manufacturing ideas into reality. It is a lot different than the usual printers printing papers and maybe a lot complex than these machines but it can manufacture the most complex stuff into reality which is the ideas.


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Written by Jack Roberts

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