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2 Ranking factors you should Remember

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There are lots of things that affect how a website is viewed in the result pages of search engines like Google. But what are the most important ranking factors you need to keep track of?

There are a number of factors that play a role in deciding how good visibility your website has in search engine results. Following are the two key ranking factors to keep track of a website.

1. Mobile friendliness

Hopefully, it has not escaped anyone’s attention that mobile is an important device to optimize for. In this digital age, people are using the mobile phone more and more and therefore it is no surprise that Google introduced what is called Mobile-First Indexing last year. This means that the search engine primarily looks at your mobile website content to determine how you will look in the search results. If you are using a responsive website, where the same content is displayed independent of the device, no direct customization need to be made. However, a separate mobile site should be reviewed to ensure that the content is representative and that the mobile site is available for indexing by the search engines like Google. It is also equally important to make sure that the website is at least as user-friendly on mobile as on desktop, ranging from size buttons to good content and page load among many others.

2. Page load time

A slow website is anything but user-friendly and there are few people who are tolerant enough to wait for it. To aim for a charging time of about two seconds is to recommend when many choose to leave a page if it is charging slowly. There are several things that can be done to speed up the charging time, from optimizing the images to compressing JavaScript, CSS and HTML.


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