13 Interesting Facts About Flash Drives

Facts about flash drives you didn’t know

A flash drive is a fantastic little device that can hold the whole world. What is a flash drive? These are the features that make any flash drive so cool: high capacity, compact dimensions, high speed of reading and writing information, and an external case of a flash drive protects it from mechanical and electromagnetic effects. Everyone knows that. But here are some interesting facts about flash drives that aren’t so popular.

Main interesting facts

  1. The first flash drives were created in the early seventies.
  2. The temperature for storage the modern flash memory cards goes from -30 to +80 degrees.
  3. Creative flash drives can shake your mind and aesthetic feelings. The most expensive USB stick in the world was made by the Swiss jewelry company called “La Maison Shawish”. This flash drive is compatible with any operating system and holds 32 GB of memory. Also, this flash drive is made in the form of a mushroom. There are several options for its design with precious stones: emeralds, rubies, diamonds and sapphires in combination with pink or yellow gold, which, of course, affects its value. The creator of the company is Mohamed Shawish (Mohamed Shawish), who is also the author of the flash drive. The price of the flash drive is $37.000. Some other custom flash drives you can find here.
  4. If the temperature for storing a flash drive is proper, then the flash drive can serve its owner for ten years.
  5. The capacity of the flash drive decreases depending on the amount of rewriting cycles.
  6. New disposable flash drives. A flash drive, like a mobile phone, should always be with you. But it is very small and is often lost, so the best minds of mankind invented a GIGS.2.GO device, which size is as a 1 GB plastic card with a body that made of recycled cardboard. Four disposable flash drives are attached to the case. Its price is low. In the future, these flash drives will replace information materials that are often distributed on the street, and it can save tons of paper.
  7. For the manufacturer, a 1 GB floppy disk costs $1, and flash memory card with the same capacity is only – $ 0.7.
  8. A flash drive stored in a refrigerator has a longer shelf life.
  9.  Information stored on a flash drive can be viewed an unlimited number of times and overwritten only one million times.
  10. If you write something to the flash drive every day and then format your flash drive, it will take about 1500 years for the flash memory card to stop working.
  11.  At 100 °C, the USB flash drive completely damages in 10 hours.
  12. The biggest market for flash technology is memory cards for portable devices – phones, smartphones, cameras, etc.
  13. Production of flash cards has become so complicated that there are no manufacturers of copies.

If you are interested in discovering even more cool facts about flash drives you can watch this video:


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Written by Helena