13 Ideas for Businesses to Post Consistently on Social Media

Why you need Content ideas for your social media calendar?

This looks odd to have a social media profile that is not updated from a month or week. Social media is a big giant and hungry for a lot of content but in small pieces. You don’t need to put your whole blog post content exactly on Facebook. On social media, people don’t like to read a long post that’s why you need to create small pieces of content.

You need to post consistently on social sites because if you will not someone else does. Consistency gives your business more exposure.

In my previous post at Dricki, I have talked about some common twitter mistakes every marketer should avoid.

So today in this post I’ll discuss some best ideas to keep your social media timeline updated.

Which Social Media Site Will Open Your door to Success?

Facebook According to the latest Statista data, Facebook is the largest social media site with 2414 Million users. Facebook is basically for everyone. You can easily send referral traffic to your site from Facebook.

Twitter Twitter is a news update social media site. If you want to target people with small content then you should go with twitter.

Instagram Instagram is an image and short video centered platform. You can only grab attention with amazing visuals. Best suitable for design-focused brands.

Pinterest Pinterest is an infographic or data-centered visual platform. If you can create or generate something great in a visual form then Pinterest if made for you.

LinkedIn As you already know LinkedIn is the largest professional network. If your company is all about professional products or services then LinkedIn is best suitable for you.

I hope now you have a good idea about which platform to choose.

How to give your ideas a visual look?

For designing posts for social media, you don’t have to be a good designer. You can do this even if you are a novice at this. There are many online tools that can help you in doing this. One of my favorites is Canva. It’s easy to use and gives you a lot of free templates so that you can easily design your post.

13 Ideas for Businesses to Post Consistently on Social Media

There are a lot of social media posting ideas but you need to post the content that actually benefits your business. Let’s start.

1. Share Customer Stories & Reviews– Share customer stories and reviews is one of the best ideas to keep updated your social timeline and gain trust. You have to encourage your customers to give you testimonials and product experience videos or in text form.

2. Share Industry News- Updating your timeline daily is a crucial task and this can’t be done without news posts. The next idea in the list of 13 Ideas for Businesses to Post Consistently on Social Media, is to share industry news. The benefit is that you don’t have to create any content and normally people tend towards news content because news increases their curiousness.

3. Behind the Scenes- Behind the scenes are an amazing idea to update your social handles and increase engagement. People are always very curious about what happens in the background.

4. Create Poll- Do you remember when you answered a poll last time? Polls are an amazing way to know about your audience and off-course one of the best ways to stay updated. Most people engage with polls. By creating polls you can also improve your content ideas what to post next time.

5. Memes or Gifs- I can bet you have seen a meme or gif in past 1 hour and liked or reacted on meme or gif in the last 2-4 hours. Meme and gifs are funny that’s why people react to these and share a lot. This is a very creative way to post content and increase your reach. Do you know that 80% of marketers use visual content i.e. image, memes, gifs & video in their social media marketing.

6. Quotes- Quotes are the most common idea. But as you know old is gold. Don’t you like to read an amazing thought in the morning? Off-course yes you like and other likes too. By posting motivational quotes you can inspire and fill your audience with positive energy.

7. How to Guides- You should give your customers or audience how-to tips. How-to videos are one of the best guides to educate your audience. They will love this. Because a lot of people daily seeking useful information to solve their problem. According to Google, 70% of YouTube viewers often use YouTube to solve their problems. I think that’s enough reason to post how-to videos.

8. Quick Tips- Apart from posting how-to Guide, you can also post some key points or key takeaways. Some important information in just 1-2 lines. Everyone has a very busy schedule to read long guides or articles.

9. New Job Hiring- You should post about new job hirings and candidates in a creative way. You can introduce your new employees to everyone. But never post just their photo and name. That’s the huge mistake everyone does. You have to write 2-3 lines about them how special they are or their specifications in the form of dialogues (looks funny). This way will increase engagement and trust. (Can you solve this puzzle? We are hiring a Digital Strategist who has the guts to solve the client’s puzzle) Its time to introduce your team to everyone.

10. Event Posts- You can promote your upcoming events and invite your audience to join you and meet you. You can also post recent events photos and videos so that people have the exact idea about you are nailing at it. Excite them with your creativity.

11. Product Overviews- Promoting or presenting your products in an old-style can bore your audience. Just showcase your product or services in a different style. You need to tell people how your products can improve their life. By doing this, you can easily grab their attention.

12. Solve FAQs- Are your customers or audience is asking the same question again and again? There are a lot of basic questions about your services and products. Don’t write a solution for these in every comment or message. You need to answer these in post or video.

13. Re-Post Old Content- Have you seen the same ad of any big brand many times? You can relate this re-posting but not exactly the same. Because people hate seeing ads. Here you need to present your old content with a new look. You can share your old posts on social media. But be careful about quality content.

Final Thoughts

So here in this post, you learned how to give insight about your company by posting customer reviews, behind the scene and employee intros; engage your customers with memes, gifs, and polls, educate your audience with industry news, FAQs, and how-to guides.

Now it’s your turn, share your thoughts and opinions in the comment section.

If I missed any important point, don’t forget to remind me.


What do you think?

Written by Ronei Daselva

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