10 Most Prominent Chrome Extensions to Enhance your SEO

Many business owners who handle their own SEO simply don’t have enough time to adequately devote to it.  Chrome has made SEO easier and more efficient by offering a number of toolbars that can be used to check the optimization of your website. These are also used by top SEO agencies globally.  In this article, we’ll discuss some of the best and most useful extensions which can make your site optimizing experience much easier.

Google Page Analytics

This great extension makes it easy to view how your customers are interacting with your website, including which parts of your website they click on, and which parts they don’t.  You can use this information to improve the layout of your website and improve the user experience.  Metrics that are measured include page views, average time spent on each page, and bounce rate.  Please note that you do need an existing Google Page Analytics account to utilize this toolbar.

Open SEO Stats

This is an extension designed to give you easy access to the rank of the current page being viewed, along with giving you information about backlinks, indexed pages, and social media.  It also supports more than 30 languages.

Mobile-Friendly Checker

This is a great tool from Google, which checks to see whether a page passes Google’s mobile-friendly test.  It also provides a score, to give you a basis for how much you need to change with the website in order to pass.  You can also preview a website that is not yet live, and the scores provided are based on 5 criteria:  viewpoint configuration, legibility of font, incompatible plugins that are used, content to the viewport, and the size & proximity of any links.

Google Tag Assistant

This extension can help verify that you have correctly installed various Google tags on your website.  All you have to do is go to any page, and the Tag Assistant will tell you which tags are present and show any errors.  You can also use the information to troubleshoot common problems with tags.

SEO Peek

With this extension, you can get a quick snapshot of the on-page SEO factors of the page you’re viewing, without having to look at the HTML of the page.  You can get information on content elements, such as the page title and meta description; and robot directives, such as the HTTP status.  This is a great tool to just do a periodic quick check of things.


This is a favorite of most SEO professionals and provides a toolbar that allows you to easily examine page elements and link metrics.  You can view the social metrics for a website, and you can highlight keywords on a page.  You can also export the data from the analysis to a CSV file for later viewing.

SEO Quake

This extension allows you to review nearly all of the major metrics with one program.  You can run a complete SEO audit of a webpage, check your social media statistics, and compare various URLs and domains.  You can export the results of the analysis to a CSV file to go over them more thoroughly at a later time.

Link Miner

Lots of extensions give you statistics, but this one focuses on links.  It checks webpages for broken links, and gives you data on all the links on the page being viewed, displaying that data next to each link on the page.  This saves you the time of checking each link individually.

Page Monitor

This is a real timesaver.  This extension allows you to monitor changes to web pages through your browser, and it can inform you whenever changes happen on a particular page, without you having to go back over and over to check it.  You have the option to set intervals in a range of times, and it offers desktop notifications.

Window Resizer

This is a great tool that allows you to emulate various resolutions of a browser’s window.  It allows you to test layouts on different sizes of browsers, enabling you to ensure that your website is able to be viewed correctly by virtually all users.


There are many great SEO tools out there but more often than not – they come with a hefty price tag. If you’re not ready to splash the big bucks yet, these great browser extensions specifically built for the Chrome browser will make your life much easier.  They will allow you to make the most of your time and can provide vital information about your website, with just a single click.

Give them a try and you’ll quickly see just how beneficial they can be to your SEO campaign.

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