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An Absence: A Status Report

I’ve been away for a while, still writing and photographing but on a creative hold. I have more photos than words lately as I see more aspects of light with nothing new or dramatic to mention. One amazing thing did happen to me recently, I almost broke my shoulder chasing after my son’s dog. My […] More

Swallows Series: The Celebration Finished 2018

The first painting is calle the painbirds. I got the idea from Sparklehorse-Good Morning Spider and added the passionvine because they are symbolic in much of my writing, I also collect them. The lake is a simplified Lake Ray Hubbard and most of the focus was on the bridge and the storm in the distance. […] More

I Offer a Small Glimmer of Light in Darkness

What do you do when a society that talks about kindness and being inclusive is getting darker and more unkind? How does one deal with the bias and politics that continue to divide people and destroy friendships? I’ve heard if you are not part of the solution, you are part of the problem but there […] More


Two caterpillars accidentally became part of a plant I saved from a lawn being mowed. Passionvine tends to find its’ way where ever it wants to grow and so did the Fritillary Caterpillars. I left them to feed on the sprigs of plants that slowly died in a pitcher I put them in but in […] More

The Swells: A Pastel from Kayaking in Florida

UP, High and rising over the next Silky emerald swell And down in the valley Watching Fins beneath, Fish all around Rising up High and rolling, over Soft, transparent walls Danger is just a thin plastic Kayak A minimal separation The pier Patrons safe on wood pilings Watching from a far DOWN Into the valleys […] More

A Love of Dragonflies

Intricate jewels fly like highly skilled jet fighters dashing back and forth in the warmth of humid green air testing each collumn of stagnant mist, rising from summer ponds I study them as they, study me each seeking some understanding of this strange and intricate design I went with Ranger, the dog, to the pond […] More

Light Touched Everything: A Garden Grows

Light is everywhere, a great divine spark keeps bees buzzing, and butterflies with great colorful wings in constant motion; when you take the time to notice, it makes everything beautiful. They call it the electric hour and it’s a magical moment where an intangible warmth touches everything. Out of the darkness and negativity of a […] More

The Song of an Oriole: The Illusive Path

Sometimes we have to wait for a magical moment where we find our path. It is a daunting task to simply wait and continue to believe despite all aspects of doubt and impatience. I consider it a period spent searching in a forest. Realization of the lack of control and the fact that the timing […] More

Timing, Satire, Downvote, Purpose: Choosing Your Voice in Darkness

The headline is random and maybe confusing but I had an epiphany and often that’s how wisdom shows itself: in random fragments. Watching the news this morning, I saw so much negativity and cruelty under a veil of political correctness. The same people who scream kindness can be the cruelest. If you mock the right […] More

I Have a Puppy or He Has Me: The Beautiful Burden of Need

When something outside of your sphere needs you unconditionally it gets you out of your selfishness. My son decided it was time to bring a puppy home and with as much added stress it has added to the house, there is a wonderful joy and energy. I’ve always known a dog changes the atmosphere in […] More