What Is Mixed Netball?

Sports are the physical activities that involve not only the body but also the mind together. Bother the brain, and the body has to perform together in an organized manner to play any sports. Sports teach us a lot of things which are essential for our day to day activities. It not only shows us proper coordination of the mind and the body but also helps us to learn teamwork and team activities. Sports are a perfect example of teamwork. There are different types of games in the world. Some are mind sports, while others are a team sport. One such competition is netball.

What Is Netball?

Netball is a team sport which is played between the players of 2 different teams. Each team has seven players who compete for the team. A woman mostly plays it; however, men also do take part in this game very spontaneously. Many commonwealth nations accept netball as one of the major sports. It is played frequently in many schools all over the world. There is an uncountable number of people who play netball over 80 countries of the world.

It is a 60-minute game where the teams gradually pass the ball through the court to attempt to score goals. The players are not allowed to move to certain areas of the court as each player is given a specific position that they have to justify without moving all over the court at the same time. The court of netball is rectangular. The game was initially developed from basketball, but later on it, international rules were laid on the game. At present, there are almost 70 International Netball Federation teams all over the world.

What Is Mixed Netball?

Mixed netball is a game where both male and female athletes play together in a single game. A mixed netball team will comprise of either three male members or four female members or with two male members and five female members in the court at one time. The individual team cannot have more than three male members in the court at one time. The players play in 3 positions, i.e., defense, goal, and midcourt positions. The game continues for 16minutes at a stretch and is taken in 2 halves. A 2 minutes break is provided in between the game. Substitutions are also allowed in this game.

What Is The Difference Between Basketball And Mixed Netball?

There are a large number of differences between basketball and mixed netball. They are as follows:

  • The team of basketball will always have five players, while netball is a game of 7 players.
  • The basketball is played by either men or women, while mixed netball is a game that is played between either men or women or a combination of both in specific ratios, which cannot be violated under any circumstances.
  • The significant difference between basketball and netball is the style of playing the game. In basketball, the players are allowed to move all over the court in different directions to snatch the ball from the other team and to make and goal. While on the other hand, the netball players are not allowed to move from their positions. They need to play the game according to the predetermined positions
  • In basketball, you can dribble to ball to reach to opponent’s basket. While in the mixed netball, the players must be at a difference of 0.9 meters. In netball, it is not allowed to dribble the ball, or else one might get eliminated.

Therefore mixed netball though it might seem similar to basketball but is an entirely different game. The rules and regulations of both the games differ a lot from each other. This is a primary reason why both the games have such large numbers of audience.


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