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The Nebraska Cornhuskers should not be overlooked this season

One college football team in the Big Ten that should not be overlooked is the Nebraska Cornhuskers. If you look at their schedule from last year, they did not start to pick it up until that overtime loss against the Northwestern Wildcats. After that, they lost to the likes of the Ohio State Buckeyes and Iowa Hawkeyes which both were road losses by no more than 7-points.

As it stands, the Cornhuskers are currently ranked 4th in recruiting below the Ohio State Buckeyes, Penn State Nittany Lions and Michigan Wolverines which all three will be contenders in the Big Ten – East.

As for the Big Ten – West, the Cornhuskers should be a huge contender along with the Wisconsin Badgers and Purdue Boilermakers. However, out of the two, the Boilermakers pose a bigger threat to the Cornhuskers leading up to the Big Ten Championship.

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