The Grim Reaper: Myth or Real?

The Grim Reaper: Myth or Real?

Controversial as it may seem, I’m not a fan of Death god (Shinigami ) or of the Grim Reaper death personified.

In my own opinion (strictly, these are my thoughts about all that I have read about what a Grim Reaper is), they are folklore stories we are told in order to keep us in line with what the society and our parents want us to do.

The Grim Reaper is known for not saying much but have keep watch of his surround so that no one can surprise him. This simply means that even the Grim Reaper can die, or maybe it is created out of human fiction of thoughts not based on any scientific or concrete evidence of the existence of such a being.

Whatsoever are my thoughts concerning a Grim Reaper, it is completely infinitesimal. There are people that have vast knowledge, especially not the knowledge we read on Wikipedia, but maybe people that have actual contact with or have evidence of what or who the Death god is

I’m interested in any comment or views that are not documented in Wikipedia


What do you think?

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  1. Death is the one door through which all organic matter will pass. We are supposed to pass through it, once only. The earthly body generates between 10 and 100 millivolts, to sustain life. When needed, an electric defibrillator is used to send a voltage of 200 to 1000 volts into the body, to try and resuscitate the heart. I’ mention this scientific reference to arrive at the conclusion, that we are energy.

    When we “die”, the energy source, (soul) which is situated in our large intestine, (Chakra) leaves the body behind and becomes pure energy. Every thought and memory remains intact in the “new body”. So, we have a recognition capability. I’ know this, because I have been there and returned to inform the serious-minded to prepare. Regardless of whether this message is believed or not, all who read it will find it to be true or false when they “die”. Would it not be foolish to have the one chance to emulate the actions of Jesus as best we can, than to risk all on a whim that I may be lying? Andre’

    [source: NanoMedicine].

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