Sudden Change of Plans…

Tuesday, 10.23.18

After Pop Pilates class at the gym, I returned home and turned on the computer. It was good all morning. Since I didnt have any plans, I decided to take a shower and relax. But by 4 pm, the internet started to lag. I couldn’t do anything on any site. It was even lagging when I checked my gmail, in which I noticed there is a walking meetup tonight that I didn’t know about. I tried to sign up for it, but the Meetup site was also lagging. So, around 5:45 pm, I quickly changed my clothes and drove to Woodbridge. The parking lot was very crowded. After they remodeled Woodbridge Center, it had become busy, filled with family activities. The parking lot there barely had any parked cars. I decided to sign up for the walking meetup on my iPhone. 19 people showed up for this meetup, probably because the weather is cool now, although some people only did half of the walk, which around the first manmade lake. I did the whole walking meetup, which is around 5 miles with three other people. At 8:30 pm, I decided to come home because I didn’t feel like eating anything this late.

While walking tonight, I noticed the moon was very bright, round and clear, although I think the full moon is actually on October 24th. I googled it, and this October 24th full moon is called Hunter’s Moon. I don’t know if that means anything but it is interesting to note it for fun.

The lagging internet lead me to my gmail, and although it was lagging, I was still able to notice a walking meetup I wasn’t aware of tonight, which got me out of the house for more walking. So, my day worked out well, since I didn’t walk on the treadmill this morning after Pilates class. I ended up doing a 5-mile outside, in which I didn’t have to deal with the lag, although I should have worked on my book covers instead.


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