Stretch Cord Off the Wall Ducky Battle

Primarily, this was just a fun way to get my daughter to work on her walls. Hard work doesn’t need to be all drudgery.

Welcome to the stretch cord off the wall ducky battle. In today’s match, we’re pitting the young upstart against the old man.  Their chosen ducky will be used to mark their distance in the final encounter. Each competitor will receive 3 practice push-offs to refine their technique followed by the final confrontation. Our young swimmer will enter the natatorium first.

Despite the tension of the stretch cord, her first effort takes her well past the flags.  Her second attempt utilizes a slower more undulating dolphin motion.  However, it comes up short of the yellow marker. The crowd is hushed as her third undertaking propels her well past the yellow marker, by far her best effort. Let’s look closer at the technique utilized on her third attempt. 1, 2, 3, 4 dolphins and now she’s breaking into some hard free style kick. She looks ready for the finals.

Over three decades her senior, it is now the old man’s turn. His first effort is shallow and falls well short of the yellow marker.  His second attempt, better depth, and more distance. On his third and final practice run he’s out past the yellow marker but he used an arm stroke to do it. That dog won’t hunt in the finals. Unlike his younger competitor, the quadragenarian was rather inconsistent during his practice runs. Did he hold back something for the finals? Let’s observe. 

They’re off… Dolphin, dolphin… Oh!  An arm stroke by the old man. Prior to the first arms stroke. The young upstart is clearly out front well past the yellow marker, but how did the judges see it. The duckies never lie.  No, the duckies never lie.

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Written by Chris B.

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