Eagles fan holds up a sign at the end of the game Sunday at Lincoln Financial Field after the Eagles beat the Saints 39-17. ( CLEM MURRAY / Staff Photographer )

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A stranger grants the wish of a Philadelphia Eagles fan

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What I have noticed this postseason in the National Football League (NFL) is that fans are becoming very generous in either donating money to a charity of their favorite football player or a group of concerned citizens who were able to get over $5,000 dollars raised for a bus driver in New Jersey to attend Super Bowl LII in Minneapolis Minnesota in person.

An anonymous Minnesota Vikings fan who does not want to be recognized since the last thing he needs is for the media in the Twin Cities to make a big deal of his good deed to donate his Super Bowl ticket to a 13 year old Philadelphia Eagles fan who has beaten cancer since he was three years old to attend Super Bowl LII in person at U S Bank Field on Sunday February 4, 2018.

Cole Fitzgerald, 13, has beaten nueroblastoma has had his dream of attending Super Bowl LII in person to root for his hometown Philadelphia Eagles who will be taking on the defending Super Bowl champions the New England Patriots on Sunday or at is it called in America Super Bowl Sunday.

The Spare Key charity which is located in Minneapolis Minnesota received a request from the donor who is a Minnesota Vikings fan to donate his ticket to attend the Super Bowl in person since his Vikings did not make it to Super Bowl 52 after losing to the Philadelphia Eagles in the National Football Conference Championship Game on Sunday January 21, 2018.

Spare Key Director of Development Mary Seire was able to learn about the plight of Cole since the Spare Key is a charity that assists families of who are facing a health crisis like in the case of Cole Fitzgerald.

Seire took a flight from Minneapolis to Philadelphia to personally deliver the tickets to attend Super Bowl 52 in person. The reaction of Cole Fitzgerald is priceless since his dream of seeing his favorite football person play for the Vince Lombardi Trophy which is bestowed to the winning team of the final game of the 2017 National Football League season.


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    • According to one You Tube channel who covers sports he says that the reason that Super Bowl ticket prices are so steep to the point that the average fan cannot afford them is due to the fact the city that hosts the Big Game has to recover money they spent to host the event and who has to pay the players and leaders is you and myself since as they say in New Orleans “We are masochists and die hard fans.” And yet they not to go bowling for exercise and fun knocking down pins for a very low price. Go figure.