Soriano KO in first UFC fight

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Normally, the early preliminary fights are shown on either UFC Fight Pass or ESPN+ because they are usually not good at all.  These fights either have fighters making their first appearance in the Ultimate Fighting Championship or fighters that are on a losing streak.

Well, nobody told new middleweight Punahele Soriano that as he fought against Oskar Piechota in the first fight of the early prelims of UFC245 at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas.  Soriano remains undefeated in mixed martial arts (MMA) with a first-round KO of Piechota.

With Soriano being a southpaw, he was able to put his punches together because Piechota became frustrated with the lefty stance.  Even though jabs are not as effective when fighting a left-handed person, one still has to use jabs to set up his own striking and to break up the rhythm of the southpaw fighter.

Unfortunately, Piechota kept swinging wildly and was rocked with three straight left hooks that ended the fight.

Here is the link for the KO:  Punahele Soriano KO.


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