Ronaldino in Belgrade

The icon of the world football in the Serbian capital came on November 7th. One of the best and most charismatic footballers of all time, Ronaldinho Gaucho, is in Belgrade for cooperation with the company “Mocartsport”.  The media report that the Brazilian will record a commercial for the betting , in the next few days. In addition to recording commercials, he will meet our capital.

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In the past, the world’s media reported that Ronaldinho was in financial trouble, threatening to confiscate his passports in his homeland for a $ 2 million debt, where the account allegedly has only $ 6.


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Written by marija64


  1. He should have watched the Red Star win Liverpool
    The star has a score of 3-1 in the win over the famous Liverpool /
    And I remember Ronaldino as a magical footballer.