NFL Draft 2020 Review: Green Bay Packers

Although the Green Bay Packers made it all the way to the NFC Playoff Championship game last season, they were woefully over-matched against the San Francisco 49ers.  Hopefully, the coaches looked at this tape and located the weaknesses that need to be addressed in the NFL Draft.  Let’s take a look at who Green Bay picked.

Round 1, Pick 26:  Jordan Love – QB – Utah State (6’4″, 224 lbs).  The Packers think that they have found their quarterback for the future.  Hopefully, he will be given time to develop behind Aaron Rodgers.

Round 2, Pick 30:  A.J. Dillon – RB – Boston College (6’0″, 247 lbs).  Green Bay had a problem with converting third downs last season.  They ranked 23rd in the NFL in third-down conversions per game.  Too many drives were stalled because they could not convert 3rd and 1 or 3rd and 2.  Dillon will be that guy to grab the tough yards next season.

Round 3, Pick 30:  Josiah Deguara – TE – Cincinnati (6’2″, 242 lbs).  Deguara will see some time as a backup tight end or as an H-back.

Round 5, Pick 30:  Kamal Martin – LB – Minnesota (6’3″, 240 lbs).  Martin adds depth to the linebacking corps.

Round 6, Pick 13:  Jon Runyan – G – Michigan (6’4″, 306 lbs).  The Packers desperately need offensive line depth.  Adding Runyan helps.

Round 6, Pick 29:  Jake Hanson – C – Oregon (6’4″, 303 lbs).  Hanson will be able to be a back-up at center or guard.

Round 6, Pick 30:  Simon Stepaniak – G – Indiana (6’4″, 313 lbs).  The Packers really need interior line help.

Round 7, Pick 22:  Vernon Scott – DB – TCU (6’2″, 206 lbs).  Scott should see some time on special teams and in red zone defense as a large safety.

Round 7, Pick 28:  Jonathan Garvin – DE – Miami (FL) (6’4″, 263 lbs).  Garvin will be a back-up as a pass rusher.

Grade:  Many experts believe that the Packers had the worst draft in the 2020 NFL Draft.  The goal for the Packers in this draft was to add depth instead of adding an impact player that could put them over the top for next season.  I give them a D+.


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