NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell is not “furious” at Jerry Jones

To some people National Football League (NFL) Commissioner Roger Goodell is admired for making a lot of money for the owners by having regular season games in London or the addition of having regular football season games on Thursday evenings.

On the other side of the coin, Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones who claimed he was friends with Goodell is furious at Goodell for suspending his star running back Ezekiel Elliott six games this week for an incident where Elliott is accused of domestic violence against a female during the off season.

Officials of the NFL deny the reports that Goodell is “furious” at Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones who plans to file a lawsuit against Goodell to have him removed from the office as the Commissioner of the league since Elliott will start serving his six game suspension even though there is no solid proof of evidence from a video tape recording that Elliott struck a female like the infamous video tape of former Baltimore Ravens running back Ray Rice punching his then girlfriend Janay Palmer inside an elevator at  the Revel Casino in Atlantic City New Jersey in February 2014.

When the latest collective bargaining agreement was reached in 2011, the players union and the owners gave Commissioner Goodell more power to discipline football players for breaking league rules related to criminal activities off the field or substance abuse.

This idea from the owners look right at the time they reached an agreement in 2011 for the collective bargaining agreement until Goodell decided to discipline one of Jerry Jones star football players for violation of the law in Goodell’s world of keeping law and order.

Roger Goodell who has been the Commissioner of the NFL since 2006 is currently under contract through the 2018 football season.

At this time the owners are considering giving Goodell a contract extension through 2024 despite the criticism that Goodell has not used his power to order the football players to stand during the playing of the Star Spangled Banner.

Some of the football players have opted to stay in the locker room, kneel down or sit on a bench during the playing of the Star Spangled Banner for doing what they think is the right thing to raise awareness of mistreatment of minorities by the police which has angered a lot of football fans who are currently boycotting the league by refusing to watch the games on television or attending the football games in their home cities.

It is just amazing that the owners are considering giving Goodell a contract extension instead of looking for his replacement during the current boycotts from angry fans that have seen their television ratings in a slump and advertisers making threats to pull away their sponsorship of the National Football League games this year.

As boxing promoter Don King would say “Only in America.”

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    • The National Football League these days resembles a soap opera called “Mad City Football” since the sports media covers everything about the NFL. I just miss those days where there was only football on Saturdays, Sundays and Monday nights.

    • It looks like the updated version of the feud between the late Al Davis who was the general managing partner of the Oakland Raiders when he sued the NFL to move his football team to Los Angeles in 1981 when the late Pete Rozelle was the commissioner.

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