Jose Mourinho Behaving More And More Like Wenger

During the last years of Arsene Wenger’s reign as Arsenal manager, Jose Mourinho had become of his staunchiest critics.  Mourinho would keep harping about how Wenger had not achieved anything worth noting during his last 10 years save for a few FA Cup wins. He was always quick to point that Wenger was also always keen to dwell on past successes.

Well, it appears Mourinho is now fond of doing exactly the same thing. After achieving considerable success in his previous jobs, his current stint at Manchester United has not gone according to script. His decision making and tactics are being questioned and scrutinized like never before. It also appears he really has no clue on how to get the best out of Paul Pogba,his most expensive signing at Manchester United. There is a universe of difference between the Juventus Pogba and the Manchester United Pogba.

There are some fans and other stakeholders who are on Mourinho’s case and the reference to past achievements has become Mourinho’s weapon of choice. Exactly the same way Wenger used to do it. This is a clear case of hypocrisy. Former Manchester United midfielder Paul Scholes even referred to Mourinho as ‘’a disgrace’’.

Mourinho retorted by saying that suggesting that if Scholes was to become a manager he would struggle to match 25% of his achievements.  Unfortunately, for Mourinho, Manchester United want success today and it’s not coming. There are other clubs who have much more consistent than Manchester United and it appears the patience of important stakeholders is wearing thin. It is not far off the mark to suggest that the only way he will be able to hold on to his job is to deliver the English Premiership League title or Champions League title. Other than that, the self-anointed special one will be back on the job market.


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