It is hard at times to be a Illinois Fighting Illini fan

It is the losses like this one against the Eastern Michigan Eagles that make it hard to be a Illinois Fighting Illini fan. Makes it hard to look forward when you know that there are tougher tasks ahead as we go into Big Ten showdowns with Nebraska Cornhuskers being next on the schedule.

I mentioned to others before the season started that the showdown against Eastern Michigan will gauge what to expect going into Big Ten showdowns because Eastern Michigan has defeated Big Ten teams in the past that the Fighting Illini has struggled with, so if there was a measuring bar for the Fighting Illini this was it!.

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In my opinion, it is like the Fighting Illini has the talent, yet the talent is not being used properly on the field causing them to be out played against teams they should be dominating.

This was a home loss, so there is nothing convincing me that the Fighting Illini will defeat the Cornhuskers this weekend in Champaign Illinois.

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Written by Thomas Gouard

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  1. The crazy part is that the Illini almost won the game against Nebraska only to be let down again. Lovie is just there collecting a check. Fortunately, basketball season is coming back around and Illinois is picked to make it back to the NCAA Tournament in March.

    • You know that is the same thing I thought. Definitely overpaid because he isn’t doing his job! Neither are the recruiters! They have to get rid of this guy because he obviously isn’t going to turn the program around. At least we have basketball going for us, as well as cross country, track, softball, and volleyball because our football team sucks balls.

  2. It is the sad reality of football, there are those that have (Michigan, Nebraska, Wisconsin, Ohio State and Michigan State) and those that have not (most of the rest of the Big Ten).