How the XFL rules will create more scoring opportunities


The Xtreme Football League (XFL) is back after a 19-year hiatus.  This time, the XFL has new rules that will make the game of football more interesting.  Here are the new rules.

– Each team has the opportunity to throw two forward passes on each offensive play.  Do you know why football is way more popular than rugby?  Passing forward is the key.  Adding to the excitement will be watching new plays with two forward passes.

– There are no extra points.  After a team scores a TD, they have to go for either a 1 point, 2 point, or a 3 point conversion play.  The 1 point play has to be converted from the 2 yard line.  The 2 point play has to be converted from the 5 yard line.  The 3 point play has to be made from the 10 yard line.

– Overtime shootouts.  The shootouts will sort of be like soccer with five chances to score.  In the XFL, each team will have five chances to score from the 5 yard line.  Each chance that is converted is 2 points.  If there is a tie after the five chances, then the conversions continue until the tie is broken.

– Kickoffs.  On kickoffs, the kicking team will stand at the 35 yard line, while the blockers will stand at the 30 yard line.  Nobody will be able to run until the receiver catches the kickoff.

– Punt returns.  On punts, if the punter kicks the ball out of bounds or into the end zone, the ball will be placed at the 35 yard line.  The punting team cannot cross the line of scrimmage until the ball is kicked.  This extra time will give the returner a better chance to gain some yards.

The XFL begins today so check out some games.


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