Green Bay Packers player Aaron Jones assists a person in need

Green Bay Packers running back Aaron Jones is gaining a lot of fans of the National Football League (NFL) after a Packers fan or as they are known as the Cheese Heads since they were hats with the object of a cheese to represent what the state of Wisconsin is known for which is a great professional football teams and their wonderful cheese products.

Jones was photographed by a female football fan last Monday at the Appleton (Wisconsin) International Airport when he offered his services to a senior lady who was riding on a wheelchair.

Jones did the senior citizen a favor by assisting her to get to her destination inside of the airport. Since the power of social media is now the norm to report the wonderful deeds done by celebrities or sports stars since the alphabet soup national news will not make these types of stories as their lead story.

Since the image of Jones assisting the senior citizen inside the airport, Jones will be gaining more fans outside of the Green Bay market since Jones is now being being labeled as a goodwill ambassador of the National Football League.

What Jones did with his great deed will give the National Football League a shot in the arm of good news when the 2018 football season begins this summer with Training Camp and the Preseason football games.


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