Gone in five seconds


Jose Masvidal just broke the record for the quickest knockout in UFC history.  Masvidal knocked out Ben Askren in five seconds with a flying knee.  Masvidal tricked Askren into thinking that he was not going to rush him at the beginning with his hands behind as back.  However, as soon as the opening bell rang, Masvidal ran straight at him with that flying knee.

Askren was out immediately.  Masvidal added a couple of punches for good measure before the referee stopped the fight.  Be prepared at all times especially when you are fighting Jose Masvidal.

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  1. I saw this fight and I was rooting for Masvidal just to ruin the undefeated record of Ben Askren. It was good that Masvidal had a lucky hit with his flying knee. Askren had a lucky grip when he fought Robbie Lawler that the referee thought the choke was killing Lawler so it was stopped in favor of Askren who had a bloodied face.

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