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Fishing on a float for beginners a little instruction.

Robin Biznis 25June Belgrade, Serbia

This year I rarely went to the water to fish.The reason is very large water and can hardly be fished withcoast.That’s why I went two times to the Vizelj River that flows below the housemy neighbor.I led my grandson who was 6 years old. He is not a true student to whom I can transfer my knowledge.He got a fishing rod that does not have a machine or a nylon conduit. The length of the rod is 4 meters.

At the top of the stick there is a metal ring that is bonded to the nylon. The nylon should be 20 cm longer than the rod. This means that you save about 4.20 metersAt the end of the nylon tie the hook number 12.Then attach 2-4 tiny lead and place a float above 2 grams above the lead.And that is all.In the place where the float is cast and fished, the fish should be fed with cooked wheat, and crumbs of whipped bread.Put on a hook i 1 -2 worms or small rain worm or fresh bread.You need to move the float up – until you catch the first fish.Then you will know where the depth of the fish is taking food.Occasionally store this place with food to keep the fish onthis place.In this type of fishing you must have a fisherman-s net.By this, I show and teach my grandson.Who wants to see the link anymore.

source:Image by Alexandr Ivanov from Pixabay


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  1. Fishing in the rivers is an exciting attraction. Wave is great when the float sinks, which means we have caught fish. I have not been to the fishing for 20 years now. Now they walk with their children.

  2. passing on fishing knowledge is important. There is knowledge to be shared here! where to fish, what to look for on the surface of the water, what water temperatures for the fish you are trying to catch, water depth. Fishing is a life long pursuit!!!

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