FIFA 2018; DO & DIE Knock Out Round to Start Today – Battle Start

FIFA World Cup: Its the time for do and die in football world cup and from today knock out round is going to start.

The First War will start between Norway and France. In the group stage, both Lionel Messi and Argentine team looked of the farm and Now, the dream is to be awakened and awakened to survive in the field with better planning. Yet not presenting traditional aggressive games French side hopes will be subjected to Griezmann.

The winners of the three-match matches in the second pre-quarter final will compete with elegant Portugal the team of Christopher Rolando and Louise Riders will be the axis of hope. According to the details, the World Cup pre-quarters final in Russia entered the final phase.

In the 8 group in which there are 4 teams, from each group 2, 2 has been already eliminated and others will be continuing for better game.


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