Energetyk-BGU gains energetic win over FC Minsk

Energetyk-BGU (FC Zvezda-BGU Minsk) grabbed sole possession of first place in the Belarus Premier League with a 2-0 home victory over FC Minsk.  Energetyk-BGU now has a three-point lead in the Belarus Premier League after three weeks of play.

Energetyk-BGU grabbed the lead at the 21st minute when Aleksey Nosko calmly kicked in the goal off of a deflected shot from the right flank.  The goalkeeper overreacted and ran too far back to get back into position.

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However, the game was not out of reach as FC Zvezda’s Hayk Moshanian obtained a red card for his second yellow card foul of the match in the 70th minute.  Nevertheless, BGU continued to attack FC Minsk in this Minsk derby.  That perseverance paid off on a counterattack in extra time along the left hand side of the field.  A solid through pass caught the defense of FC Minsk napping.  Djasur Yaxshiboev timed his run at the right time and bolted past the defense rather easily.  He caught up to the pass and slotted the ball into the lower right-hand side of the net.

Energetyk-BGU is now the only team in the Belarus Premier League without any losses or ties.  Right now, they have proven to be the best team so far.  With the loss, FC Minsk drops back to third place remaining at six points.

From watching the video, it appears that Energetyk-BGU played with a 4-5-1 formation, while FC Minsk deployed a 4-4-2 formation.  Here are the starting lineups from the match.  The only video highlights are in Russian.

Energetyk-BGU – Goalkeeper:  Sadovskiy.  Defenders:  Sokol, Mawatu, Shkurdyuk, Svirepa.  Midfielders:  Nosko, Girs, Tweh, Yaxshiboev, Moshanian.  Forward:  Atemengue.

FC Minsk – Goalkeeper:  Leonov.  Defensers:  Zaleskiy, Chahovets, Prischepa, Nasibulin.  Midfielders:  Shramchenko, Yarotskiy, Vasyliev, Sazonchik.  Forwards:  Khvashchinskiy, Gribovskiy.

Attendance:  250 at the Stadyen-RTsOP-BGU (Minsk).  


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