Dirt Bike Gear – Some Common Mistakes that Every Beginner Should Avoid

Those who have spent quality time on dirt bikes will be aware of the fact that there are different types of gears and apparels accessible for a rider to choose from. Different choices depend on the rider regarding which equipment they desire to use and also why. No rider must attempt to ride a bike in the absence of the right gears. When they wear the proper gear, it will not only keep him comfortable while on the bike but at the same time will also keep him safe and protected during a crash.

Some Common Mistakes to Avoid 

As a newbie rider, buying Motocross Gear for a dirt bike will be confusing yet will also be expensive to his health and wallet if he makes a wrong choice. Get familiar with some common mistakes which a beginner rider generally makes to help you ride safely and comfortably,

  • A helmet that is poorly Fitted- To buy a helmet that has a poor fitting is a common mistake which a beginner rider makes. Often people do it for a reason like it is an excellent deal or they will grow into it. Though these statements are valid yet are vital to prevent any helmet which does not have a proper fitting. When a manufacturer develops a helmet, they do so with an aim to offer protection to an ideal-sized rider. Although it is safer to ride a bike without a lid, a helmet which is too tight or loose will take away the overall protection from the helmet.When the helmet is extremely loose, it will create a gap which will allow the head in moving upon impact and will offset the technology which protects the rider. On the other hand, if it is exceptionally tight, the rider will find himself with uncomfortable headaches both during and after their trail riding tour, with a high risk to bite their tongue or cheek while crashing along with pressure points throughout which is highly bothersome. So, it is vital to buy a helmet that fits perfectly.
  • Not Buying Boots- Often newbie riders are excited to buy equipment like pants and jerseys before purchasing the necessary protective gear. Pants and jerseys, of course, are important, but you should consider safety foremost. It is a helmet that serves as a no-brainer yet it is astonishing to come across multiple riders having expensive race kit yet no boots. It is the motocross boots that will provide the rider the support which is essential for withstanding the sudden twists as well as impacts which takes place in the foot at the time of a motorcycle tour.Fractured ankles are not fun, and its risk will decrease drastically with the utilization of proper protection. It is not a mandate to buy the most expensive boots to enjoy ample protection. The truth is any motocross specific boot will be fine when one introduces himself to the sport. For more protection to knees and legs, it is best to buy knee braces. That will stop the likelihood of damage in the knee before it takes place.
  • Not Picking the Perfect Gear for One’s Discipline- Picking bike gears that is specific to the rider’s discipline is overlooked easily yet can save his life in the future. A motocross racer should buy a set of gear that is highly ventilated and lightweight for withstanding their long sessions. Should the rider plan to sign up for Enduro tours where they are likely to fall on rocks, brush by the tree limbs and attempt hill climbs then they should choose gears that are endure-specific. These lineups have been specially designed for longevity and durability as the foremost priority.Though they may lack ventilation and weight features which high-end motocross gears possess it will make sure that the rider will come out of his ride comfortable devoid of replacing anything. A rider may feel why they must buy gears that are motocross specific if they are less durable and more expensive? The motocross gears especially the high-end varieties will be highly comfortable. Its moisture-wicking material, lightweight and breathability will perfectly suit the summer days while on the track. Although these are not equally durable like that of Enduro gears yet, this does not mean it is not much tough for withstanding any day while on the track.
  • Purchasing Uncomfortable Gear- One of the biggest mistakes which a newbie rider makes is buying gears which are not comfortable. Some riders avoid wearing protection as it is not comfortable. So, it is vital to ensure investing in gears that is comfortable and one which they will prefer to wear on every ride. Being safe is the key.


  • Getting Gear Which Does Not Fit the Rider- Often people come across riders wearing gears which fails to fit correctly. To keep away from this mistake a couple of factors needs to be considered with regards to gear sizing to ensure that the ride is comfortable,
  1. While buying pants the knee room, leg length and waist size are the key factors which the rider must consider. Wearing pants with a tight waist will cause severe discomfort at the time of riding. On the contrary, too loose a waist will fall making it a big distraction while on the track. Brands luckily offer different adjustment features which can fine-tune an ideal fit.
  2. The legs must match the waist. Wearing pants which are too long is likely to bunch up in the boot thereby causing pain to the rider while riding. There are various motorcycle gear companies which provide short and regular options to prevent this from taking place.
  3. In case a rider wears knee pads or braces, it is crucial that they buy pants that have enough knee room. If the pants are tightly surrounding the knee area, either it will hurt the rider while seating or limit maneuverability.
  4. Selecting the perfect jersey is a simple process than you think. In case the rider wears underneath a chest protector he should allow sufficient room for keeping the shirt tucked while the sleeves must be short so that it fails to interfere with their grip.

So, now you know how to pick the right gear? Just go for it.


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Written by Eric Reyes