Crisp, Clean and Cool Autumn Day

Thursday, October 4, 2018

I woke up early and decided to go to the gym, even though I wasn’t sure if there will be yoga class today. I remember last Thursday, the yoga instructor mentioned it was her last day. So, I wasn’t sure if they found someone new for this week.

As I drove out of my garage, I noticed that the sun was shining very brightly. Since it rained last night, I was looking for a rainbow, but I didn’t see any. I haven’t seen one in a long time.

I decided to go anyway in order to walk on the treadmill. When I arrived at the gym, I asked around, and I was informed that this morning’s yoga class will be canceled. So, I went upstairs and walked the Monterey Coastal trail on the treadmill. It is like walking along PCH. It is 5-mile long, and I burned 800 calories in 75 minutes. While walking on the treadmill, I watched the hanging TV flatscreens. On one morning show, they were talking about telephone scams, and I realized that I get these crap on my phone all the time, including the IRS threatening to sue me.  I have also gotten some technical people calling me to tell me that my computer has problems and they can fix it, in which I had responded that I never asked for their help or even notified them. At least, I am not the only person receiving these crap, and now they are exposing them on TV.

I was back home at 11 am. I have always liked autumn weather, especially after rain, because it feels so cool, crisp, and fresh, like a fresh and new beginning. It just feels so clean. Maybe last night’s rain cleansed the area and air…


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