Connecticut women’s volleyball has a special fan on their team

The first thought that comes to the mind of the average sports fan when it comes to the University Of Connecticut or UConn as they are called by the media is the superstar roster of the women’s basketball team that is coached by Geno Auriemma.

Now the UConn Lady Huskies women’s volleyball team is making news because through a charity called Team Impact which kind of reminds me of Make A Wish but the difference is that through the Team Impact charity a child who is suffering from a serious illness can meet with his or her favorite sports team.

Elsa Nocton who is 11 years old of age is suffering from Charcot Marie Tooth Disease which an neurological illness that has her in constant pain,

Elsa is making new teammates on the Lady Huskies volleyball team happier since Elsa not only gets to meet her favorite sports team, she is a honorary Lady Husky team member.

It is a good idea for charities around the world that assist children who are battling illnesses to meet and be on the team members of their favorite college sports team.

I am sure that if Elsa being in the company of young ladies that care for her, Elsa should be able to beat her health challenge.

Elsa has this goal when she reaches adulthood. Her dream job is to be a nurse.

Kris Grunwald who is the coach of the Lady Huskies volleyball is happy that Elsa has added some positive vibes on the team he coaches since it is evident that players who play any sports realize that sports competitions are simply games to entertain their fans.


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Written by Deepizzaguy

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