British Soldier of World War II broke his own Swimming Record

The 95-year-old British soldier who participated in the Battlefield World War II broke his own record achieved an year ago. The British man, Rayville, set a new record by swimming in the coastal coast of Cyprus 40.6 meters deep in 44 minutes and broke its swimming record for 41 minutes, when he was 94 years old then. On the new record, he was named ‘the most scuba swimmer’.

Rayville said to media, “I feel lucky myself.” Last year I was 94 year old and I proved my self fit and healthy and broke my old record in 95 year of age. On which I am also thankful for my team.

Britain’s former military Rayville scored up to the wreck of ships drowned in 1980 at Cyprus Island along with other swimmers to break its record and spend few moments in ship.


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